Osama Podcast #3

Salaam. Who's dead? Well, maybe Michael Jackson but not me! After all, there are no photo's. Also, I am not sleeping with the fishes. I am still working and podcasting from the OBL Cave Studio Complex in Afghanistan and you can listen to a new episode with comedy clips and ofcourse Osama's Mailbag. Don't miss my column 'What is bugging Osama' and also never believe the CIA or the infidels. I dedicate this Podcast to Mohammed (not the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, but my cousin who I think was killed by the CIA in my place.)

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Listen to my show, or we will cut off your head.


(Not really...)

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Osama’s Podcast #2

Salaam! I have been very, very busy (Jihad doesn't wage itself you know) but I found the time for another episode. Lots of mail this time and I end on a song! Thanks to Mohammed (not the prophet Mohammed ofcourse, praise be upon him though, but a different Mohammed) for helping me out.

Osama’s Podcast #1

Salaam aleikum! This is a test, my first Podcast. You can send me email for my advice column 'Dear Osama' and also I have section called What's Bugging Osama and this time I talk about SOUP!

Published in may 2006.


Salaam and welcome!

Osama Bin Laden has finally sold his old tapedeck on eBay and is now Podcasting his message to the entire world! Listen to his interpretation of the teachings of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and send your emails for the new 'Ask Osama' section. Suhkran and may the Prophet (PBUH) bless you.